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We study different user segments

  • Passenger cars

  • Trucks (including fleet segments)

  • Light commercial vehicles

  • Motorcycles and scooters

We regularly update our database with a comprehensive description of driver behaviour. We ask the respondents several hundred questions about how to use the car, its servicing, spare parts purchased, expenses, savings, use of the Internet and making decisions related to car maintenance.

B2C user research features

  • We carry out the survey in the form of personal interviews (sample in Poland from 2500-3000 respondents).

  • We select the sample according to rigorous demographic assumptions

  • We control 100% of questionnaires.

We analyze

  • Car park (in total and in regions), by car brand, age, segment and manner of its use.

  • Aftermarket*, accessories, oil and tyres (potential, distribution channels).

  • Drivers’ behaviour, their independence in carrying out repairs, selected service points.

  • Budget for the car (expenditure on repairs, online shopping, fuel).

  • Insurance and accidents.

  • Fuelling and petrol stations visited.

  • Relationship with the car (brand loyalty, emotional relationship, user profile).

Our research projects are open

You can not only access existing databases, but also enrich them with additional questions. We offer an implementation tool, we invite you to post your own thematic blocks on any topic. *Market of oil, tyres, batteries, brake pads, brake discs, candles, wipers, filters, dampers, shock absorbers, springs, bearings, timing, water pumps, coolers, alternators, starters, lighting, windows, air conditioning, body parts….

Automotive market research
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