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For more than 25 years we have been researching the automotive market in Central and Eastern Europe with particular emphasis on the aftermarket / after-sales market. We carry out analyses of the behaviour of drivers and automotive market professionals.

We carry out research and analysis on two levels:

  1. Users (passenger cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and scooters).

  2. Professionals of the automotive market (mechanical and specialized repair workshops, authorized service stations, distributors, automotive shops, petrol stations).

What distinguishes our research?

  • Regularity

Depending on subject we carry out our research on a regular half-yearly or annual basis. Subsequent editions of the survey follow changes and thanks to their analysis we can set trends based on facts.

  • Precision and reliability

Our results are based on large samples of quantitative research, we survey up to 3000 respondents at a time. All our surveys are based on data that we collect ourselves and develop in our own research studio.

  • Professionalism


We specialize in automotive market research, we are experts in our field and our employees are always associated with the local markets under investigation. As a result, we are able to take into account all risks, threats and relevant information in our analyses.

  • Unique research tools

We measure the size of the car fleet and the potential of the aftermarket.

We check drivers’ loyalty to repair services, monitor their purchasing behaviour, and analyze expenses and opinions.

We determine the market position of brands of spare parts, oil, tyres, maintenance fluids, varnishes, car cosmetics, as well as insurers and service network operators.

We study brand awareness, market shares, positioning and brand image.

We conduct research into wholesale and retail prices. We compare service offers and rates practiced on the market.



We offer syndicate or exclusive projects.

We conduct research in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary….

Automotive market research
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