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We regularly examine repair workshops, authorised service stations, wholesalers, automotive shops and petrol stations. We ask about suppliers, products purchased, ways of functioning, market dynamics, opinions about parts manufacturers and their offers.

We analyze

  • Perception of the current economic situation.

  • Employment.

  • The market of selected automotive products.

  • Opinions on brands.

  • Evaluation of proposed support and loyalty programs.

  • Criteria for making decisions when choosing a brand or supplier.

  • Savings behaviour.

  • Rate per working hour.

  • Training and investments.

  • Reading of professional press.

  • We test the services of cars and trucks.

Our research projects are open


You can not only access the existing database, but also enrich it with additional questions. We offer a realization tool, we invite you to post your own thematic blocks on any topic.

Automotive market research
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